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Our Goals   

First and foremost, One America Strong is not affiliated with any political party, religious organization, civil rights group, racial dominance group, or any individual that promotes any activity to have Americans deepen our current divide.

One America Strong was established to find solutions to the much unheeded and widespread proliferation of adverse attitudes among Americans for reasons that are toxic and do not reflect who we are as a nation.  We have found that the problem is the result of negative influence from members form various groups and organizations.

What is of interest is that MOST Americans do not express harmful thoughts or intolerance to each other during trips to the market, stops at gas stations, dining at restaurants or attending sporting events.  In fact, when Americans participate in those kind of activities get along quite well. 

So our goals, while very simple, are to identify the complexities that contribute to the divisiveness that currently exist among the American people.  We strongly believe that greater dialog among Americans can improve greater understanding among the hundreds of demographic groups across America. We're hear for ordinary Americans to contribute to the process of making our nation the best it can be.  That can only happen through genuine and consistent POSITIVE DISCUSSION. Clearly, we as a nation have fallen into an "us verses them" mode which is becoming extremely counterproductive to our society.  

Now the American people can access effective opportunities to become ONE for the good of country through this platform.  Now is the time to express the positive aspects of America and move away from behaviors that break us further apart.  Let's tell the world who we really are!

About Out Logo

While our logo appears to bee somewhat militant in appearance as the argument can be made that we have used closed fist as many civil  protest groups have utilized since the early 60's in the United States. Our visitors should know that interpretation could not be further away from the true meaning nor our intentions.

Because our goals were established to bring Americans together and our CEO is hearing impaired, we felt it imperative to recognize that demographic.  As a result during the development process of our logo it was suggested that we find a place for the use of sign language as opposed to just utilizing "1AS" for One America Strong, we came up with using sign language from the American Sign Language system to place greater emphasis on greater inclution of the hearing impaired in our mission.  Wherever our logo is displayed it will send the message that there are others that believe in unity and tolerance for all Americans.  PLEASE JOIN THE MOVEMENT!