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About One America Strong And America's Yearbook 

     One America Strong was officially established in early January, 2016 in Orangeburg, SC.  The initial impetus for creating the organization was to explore plausible methods to improve police and minority community relations along with an effective means of implementation.  

      During the final stages of the 2016 presidential campaign as the nation appeared to become more divisive, we decided to expand our goals to include an effort to reduce divisiveness and to improve diversity and inclusion in America by utilizing technology to bring Americans closer together as a people.
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the goal is to bring Americans closer together and not to tear us apart!
About Our Logo 

     While our logo appears to be somewhat militant our visitors should know that because our goals were established to bring Americans together coupled with the fact that our CEO is hearing impaired, we felt it imperative to recognize that demographic as well.  

As a result during the developmental process of our logo it was suggested that we find a place for the use of sign language as opposed to just utilizing "1AS" for One America Strong.  We came up with the use of symbols from the American Sign Language system to place greater emphasis on the hearing impaired in our mission. 
​How This Works 

1. Click on any of  the multiple buttons  on any page where they are displayed.  That page will take you to the One America Strong application.

2. Please set up your account as instructed. There are several options you may select to create an account.

3. You may then be able to share any information regarding Americans performing acts of kindness in your community or in  any community in the US for that matter. Simply post a picture and/or video and add your comments.

While the posting of video stories can be quite effective, a

simple photo can possibly generate a lot of interest as well.  You may also post any personal information you wish to share. 

4. One America Strong offers a number of posting aids to enhance your posting experience. In order to get the most out of your 1AS usage, please familiarize yourself with the 1AS platform as soon as possible. 

5. Always try to post a comment or get into a dialog with others who might share your efforts as our goal is to improve and strengthen our national cohesiveness. 

Lastly, we will include the pictures and/or photos with the most likes over a specified period of time and then include them in our annual video magazine, "America's Yearbook."

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Coming Together For The Good Of Our Nation 

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